• FirstDayAtSchool.org

    Social app for charity

    The goal

    Two weeks to go before a campaign launch, and the Sabre Chartiable Trust wanted a Web app to help spread their message and allow supporters to share their memories of their first days at school.

  • National Pain Audit

    Publicity campaign

    The goal

    Dr Foster, a Health Service Infomatics company and regular client, had taken on the implementation of the National Pain Audit. To accompany their campaign they needed publicity materials for the Public and for Health Professionals, alongside a public facing website.

  • DrCecilia.com

    E-commerce website

    The goal

    Dr Cecilia, an anti-aging and nutritional consultant, had created a range of nutritional oils to use in cooking, as an alternative to bland nutritional supplements. Already making inroads in the B2B market, she also wanted a web presence to allow customers to buy the products directly.

  • Filmola.com

    Media focused CMS

    The goal

    Videographer Cristian Barnet wanted a Content Management System that puts media front and centre. The design work for the site was already in place, what Cristian needed was someone to build it, and tailor a CMS to address his specific needs of media management.

  • EIO

    Logo Design and web-app

    The goal

    The Environmental Investment Organisation, fresh on the scene of international financial markets needed branding guidelines, and an easy method of digitaly publishing their latest ranking information with Press organisations around the world.